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Welcome to MyBottleShop's Liquor Link where we connect producers and distributors from around Australia and the world directly with Australian customers.  Products on the MyBottleShop Liquor Link are top quality products often used by bars and restaurants that you won't find in your local liquor store. is a marketing company.  We are fiercely independent and fiercely loyal to our customers and suppliers.

Item's listed on these Liquor Link pages are IN STOCK and shipped from the distributor, distillery, brewery or winery directly to you the customer

All products are in stock and ship directly from our supplier to your door.  
By buying from the Liquor Link you are cutting out a middleman who's sole job is to temporarily hold stock.  You are reducing the number of trucks on the road and saving handling and storage costs.

Why choose products from the Liquor Link?

  • access in stock products ready for immediate shipping,
  • save shipping costs,
  • save the environment by reducing trucks on the road,
  • save handling costs,
  • use the internet to open up a whole new world of drinking experiences,
  • as we say at MyBottleShip, Drink Better, Experience More... TM.
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