Woolshed Brewing

Woolshed Brewing

Located on the banks of the Murray River just north of Renmark, Wilkadene was once a famous sheep and wheat station, built and run by the Wilkinson family until being bought by the Freeman family in 1988. Shortly after the last official shear in 1996 the doors to the shearing shed were closed and part of the grazing land sold. Wilkadene currently holds just over 1000 acres from its original 8000. Houseboats were run from Wilkadene for years after, but a need to diversify was calling us!

After many beers and years of home brewing it was decided that the old shearing shed would make room for the Riverland’s first and only brewery. In July 2008, after purchasing our equipment from Australian company Integrated Brewing Solutions, we began cleaning up the old Woolshed and preparing for brewery installation. Along with extensive upgrades needed to the power supply and building internals, we have added more than 100,000L of rain water storage to use in the brewing process, rather than relying on filtered mains water, therefore saving precious water from the Murray River.

Our brewery is also a zero waste brewery, utilising state of the art designs to use and re-use hot and cold water without the need for excessive heating. Also, with drainage troughs and a holding/settling tank, all waste water from the brewery is used on our extensive garden. All spent grain is used for livestock feed. With further recent upgrades to our solar power we now have in excess of 30kw helping to power the brewery and bar. Since we began brewing in 2009 our annual production has continued to grow requiring the purchase of new fermentation and conditioning vessels to keep up with the extra production required.

Our range of beers , wines and local favourites ‘Hard lemonade’ and ‘Rude Ruby’ are all available for tasting whilst enjoying a local food platter or freshly brewed local Arrosto coffee.

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