Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your motto is Drink Better, Experience More... What does that mean? is an online warehouse business with a physical shop front that specialises in the drinks you can't find in your local liquor store. Except in the case of limited edition and rare collectible or vintage bottles, most of those products we don't stock physically at our Marrickville warehouse. Instead, we source most of our products from external warehouse to ensure you, our customer, experience the greatest variety of drinks in Australia. So there can be a delay in certain situations where the products will be transferred between warehouses before we send them to you. An item can also be sent directly from our supplier directly to you. Usually these orders may take 5 to 7 working days to arrive, depending on the supplier and your location. For more information, please see our Delivery Policy and Terms and Conditions pages.

Q: Who is and what do you do? is an online liquor superstore and NOT a traditional liquor store as most people would understand the term.  This means we range a HUGE range of products, BUT keep minimal stock on hand in our warehouse. 

The website will tell you in GREEN that an item is "Available". These items are in stock in our warehouse but may also apply to items available from our supplier.

You may also come across items in AMBER "Available from External Warehouse". These products take time to source, so do NOT order them if you require them urgently or at least check with us about delivery times BEFORE placing your order.

If the item is available in AMBERAvailable for Pre-Order”, it means we have a limited number of bottles of an allocated, most likely rare product. You are buying the bottle BEFORE it’s in stock. We offer the item for sale to our members and newsletter subscribers. This is your chance to secure the bottle before it sells out and it helps us gain an allocation of bottles from our supplier. Bottles will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis.  Bottles usually ship within 2-4 weeks and will vary depending on the allocation. You will receive tracking information as soon as your order has shipped. Payment will be taken immediately, however if for some reason inventory is exhausted prior to fulfilling your order, your order will be naturally refunded. 

Q: What are the benefits of creating a MyBottleShop Account?

Once you have created an account you can track your order every step along the process from packing through to delivery to your door. You can easily create an account using the social media login feature which allows you to quickly create a MyBottleShop account using your account with Facebook, Google , Twitter or Instagram.

  • Once your account has been created, you can view all the details of your account, including View Past Orders
  • You can add different Billing and Shipping Addresses
  • You can print a Tax Invoice
  • You will be able to use Coupons. Most coupon requires you to be registered with an Account
  • You can check on your price and stock alert subscriptions and update them
  • Manage your products reviews
  • Update your newsletter subscription preferences
  • Creating an account also allows you to use the Wish List feature.

Q: When do I receive my $20 Coupon for becoming a subscriber?

You will receive your coupon code by email once you have signed up to our mailing list. Please add MyBottleShop to the safe sender's list to make sure the email doesn't end up in your junk email.

Q: I signed up to as a subscriber and now I would like to use my $20 Coupon, but I don't know where to use the coupon code.

You must enter the coupon code on the Shopping Cart or Checkout pages. You will see that once the coupon is validated $20 will be taken of your shipping cart total. 

Q: I have entered my $20 coupon code but it says that it's invalid. What's wrong?

Most likely you are not logged in. You must log in (i.e. register an account on the top menu) to validate the coupon code. Once you have set up an account make sure you spend more than $200. If you forget to use your coupon code, don't worry you can use it any time as long as you only use it once. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us and we will help you to resolve the issue.

Q: In the case of Limited Edition numbered bottles, how do I know what serial, bottle, batch numbers are available?

Due to the exclusive nature of the products we sell, there will be products that are numbered by bottle number, batch number, and or serial number. Unless specifically stated in the description or the title of the product that you are buying a definite bottle, batch or serial number, you will be sent any bottle number our supplier provides. An indication of whether a bottle is sold by number is generally in the value of the bottle.  For example, lower bottle and batch numbers generally command a higher price as they are sought after by collectors. Please read the description of the product carefully and do NOT rely on the photo of the bottle since the photo of the bottle is taken at a certain point in time and is not updated each time a batch number changes. In the case of valuable collector's bottles and where the batch or bottle number is mentioned in the title or the description, you can in most cases rely on the photo of the bottle. If you have any doubt or just want to be sure please call 1300 963 000 or email to confirm the exact bottle number, batch number, or serial number you will receive. 

Q: I am interested in buying a particular wine vintage (year), what should I do? retails all wine bottles independent of the vintage unless otherwise specifically stated.  To be clear, when you buy wine, you are buying the wine variety NOT the vintage. This means we will send you whatever is the current available vintage.  For rarer and more expensive bottles, we will specifically list and sell the bottle by the vintage year. This means the vintage year will be in the title of the product.  If the wine you purchase does not specifically state the vintage year in the TITLE of the product, you will be sent the currently available vintage. If you are seeking a specific vintage for a bottle of wine you must always call or reach out and call or email us BEFORE you purchase the bottle and our adviser will do the best to advise you on the currently available vintage.  But this is no guarantee as we rely on our suppliers to provide up to date and accurate information about available vintages and cannot offer refunds or exchanges in cases where a different vintage is sent except in cases where the vintage year is specifically stated in the title of the product, in which case we will honour the vintage year or provide you a refund.  Where refunds are offered, you must send back the wrong vintage in accordance with our terms.. 

Q: How do I sign up for a product waitlist to be notified when a product is back in stock?

For any product that is Sold Out or Coming Soon, simply go to the product on our site, click on the “Sign up for Wait List” icon and add your email. After notification goes out with some products, they sell out extremely quickly.

Q: I see you have some products available on pre-order, what exactly does that mean?

Some limited edition specially imported or strictly allocated products may be available for you to pre-order. Pre-ordering means you are guaranteed to receive a bottle but will have to wait longer than usual to receive the item. The typical wait time is up to 4 weeks but will vary depending on the specific allocation. The product will be clearly marked as being available for pre-order as will your order confirmation email reminding you that this is a pre-order and the usual wait time is up to 4 weeks.

Q: How can I calculate the shipping cost?

Once you have added items to your shopping cart, your shipping cost will appear on your Checkout page. Remember in Australia any orders over $300 are free shipping and below $300 the shipping charge will vary dependingon your location in Australia for orders under 20kg.

Q: I want to find out about the status of my order. Whats the best way?

At, we receive many emails, phone calls, and chat enquiries each day, and the most regularly asked question is what is the status of my order? Provided you have created your order using an account, you can check on your order status and order notes yourself. Here's how:

1. Login into your account or create an account before you place an order


2. Go to My Account

3. Go to My Orders

4. Click View Order for the order you are enquiring about. Note the status of the order:

Processing means we have received the order and are packing it (you will receive it in 1 to 5 days).

Pending means, the order has NOT been received by us.

Cancelled means you didn't complete payment or the order timed out.

Backorder means the item is not in stock in our warehouse but has been ordered from our supplier (check the notes for more information).

Complete or Closed means the order has been shipped to you or is ready for collection from our Click and Collect centre in Sydney. 

View My Order

5. Review the order information including the delivery method and address

6. You will receive an email if a note is added to your order or your order status is updated

Order Notes Email


Q: How Do I Track my Order once it has left the warehouse?

Log in and go to your account section. Go to My Orders and the Order Shipments tab. There will be a "Track this shipment" link on the right-hand side, click this to view your tracking. 

Q: I live in Australia and I need a Tax Invoice.  How do I produce that?

There are 2 options, First, you can print a copy of the Tax Invoice as soon as your order is confirmed. The second option is to go to your My Account section and print the invoice from there.  

Q: I received my parcel damaged or it has been damaged in transit.  What should I do? Do I have delivery insurance?

At MyBottleShop we invest significantly in wrapping and packaging materials to ensure that you receive your fragile yet valuable item as it left our warehouse. Please understand that MyBottleShop always carefully wraps and ships all fragile items.

The courier company must NOT hand over parcels that clearly contain broken items or show signs of leakage. That is a breach of our contractual agreement with them. The courier company must return the broken parcel to MyBottleShop.  In the rare event you do receive a broken item, you should immediately return the item to MyBottleShop via the Reply Paid address or via courier return label (free of charge to you). Wherever possible though do NOT take possession of the broken item. This is in accordance with our agreed courier delivery policy.

In the case of collectible items, we carefully check every item to ensure quality control. A member of the warehouse team will very carefully pack and check collectible and valuable bottles.  This safeguards both MyBottleShop and you, as our valued customer, since we both know the item left the MyBottleShop warehouse in an undamaged state.

Delivery Insurance provides Delivery Insurance for all parcels. Delivery Insurance is automatically selected for all orders. Delivery insurance will cover you from both financial loss and time for both lost and damaged parcels. This means that will immediately send you a replacement parcel or process an appropriate refund based on your choice. Note there is no insurance on Return to Sender (RTS) parcels and insurance does not cover parcels where the parcel is safe dropped at your home or business. Currently, there is no insurance cover for international deliveries.

If you have the parcel in your possession...
Please return it as soon as possible to Reply Paid 86663 34D Fitzroy Street Marrickville NSW 2204 Australia or via our courier return label.

Q: My parcel has gone missing in transit from MyBottleShop to my home or work location?

We are an online business and we outsource the delivery of our parcels to various courier companies.  We pay them to deliver the parcels on-time and with care.  In some cases a parcel will go missing but usually this happens less than 1% of the time, BUT it does happen. It's annoying for both you and for us.  Often courier companies make it difficult to claim insurance for lost parcels and others have an excess such as $100 which means any lost parcel is a cost to us since we accept final responsibility for delivery of the parcel. Rest assured we want to find out where the parcel is.  Here is standard investigative process that we follow:

1. Firstly track the order to find out where the parcel is
It may be delayed for some reason or there was a problem with the address and possibly the parcel has been returned to us. But its possible the parcel will still arrive no problem, but just a bit later than expected.

2. If you genuinely think that the parcel is lost in transit reach out and contact the courier company
While MyBottleShop is responsible ultimately for the delivery of your parcel - in most cases, we will simply do the same thing as you i.e. contact the courier company.  Contact the courier company by phone or email and ask them to put a trace on the parcel and then wait for a response.  Many times this solves the issue and by contacting the courier company you have saved time. 

3. After you have contacted the courier company but received no resolution contact
We will escalate the matter with the courier company.  The last thing we want is our parcels to go missing. Our parcels contain liquor and liquor related products and are mostly large and difficult to simply lose.  We want the courier company to explain where the parcel is or investigate why it was lost.  In our industry we are very concerned about the theft of parcels.  Once the investigation is complete and we determine your parcel cannot be found, we will send another parcel or refund you.