Our Delivery Policy

MyBottleShop.com delivers Australia-wide and internationally to selected countries (see below for details). There will variations in how we will deliver your parcel and how much you will be charged. You can quickly and easily check the shipping fees to your destination by adding items to your Shopping Cart and proceeding to the Checkout where your shipping fee will be displayed. Please also check our Terms & Conditions.

Fast (the old FREE) Shipping Offer

In the old days we used to offer free shipping over $300 but the reality is the that shipping is not free. In fact to ship most alcohol bottles around Australia is VERY expensive and the costs are constantly rising.  The truth is is possible for clothing retailers using padded bags to build the cost of shipping to the product prices, but for alcohol retailers it's simply not possible.  So what we have done is introduced Express Shipping for orders above $300 even though the shipping you have paid includes standard shipping, insurance and of course packing the order.  The fast shipping offer is only available for orders up to up to 20KG in weight and is subject to limitations based on location. For certain Australian country and remote locations, the fast shipping offer is not available because there are no fast couriers going that way. This is because of the very high delivery fees and very slow delivery times by Australia Post in these remote country locations. All orders over 20KG will be charged at flat rate increments of $10 per extra 10KG.

Shipping Within Australia

Capital Cities

Most capital cities are $15 flat rate shipping, handling, and insurance per order up to 20KG. This fee includes the cost of shipping via a courier (Australia Post and Aramex), packing your order, and delivery insurance. Perth city has a flat rate shipping fee of $20 per order up to 20KG. Hobart city has a flat rate shipping fee of $20 per order up to 20KG. PO Boxes and Parcel Collects may take longer due to redirection.


MyBottleShop bases our Australian regional shipping fee on your postcode (and weight of your order). Most Australian regional postcodes will incur a $20 delivery fee. Some very remote postcodes will be charged $30 and some Northern Territory and remote Western Australian postcodes will incur a $40 delivery fee.

Direct from Supplier

Many of our items are sourced directly from boutique producers, distributors and importers and depending on their location, delivery times may vary. Direct from Supplier items will arrive between 4-10 business days for Metro and Regional orders and up to three weeks for Country areas.

Items are delivered separately from each supplier, which means you may receive more than one delivery per order.

Western Australia Legislation

Here is the note about our Australia Post delivery partner in Western Australia:

You may be aware that legislation regarding the sale and delivery of alcohol in Western Australia has been amended. Whilst our delivery service is already compliant with most of the new provisions, we're also making some changes to support you in meeting the new obligations for both same-day^ and next-day* deliveries. ('Next-day deliveries' refers to any alcohol delivered the day after it was purchased or later.)

When selling alcohol online or in-store it is the seller's responsibility to ensure alcohol is not sold or supplied to an individual who is under 18 years of age. It is also the seller's responsibility to confirm that the individual purchasing the alcohol is aged 18 or over. Australia Post Group's responsibilities extend to ensuring that alcohol is not knowingly delivered to someone who is under 18 years of age.

Amendments to the Liquor Control Regulations 1989

The new provisions of the regulations include that:

  • The delivery person always needs to check ID when making deliveries in person (note that safe drop is still permitted for next-day* deliveries).
  • Same-day^ delivery drivers have to undergo additional training.
  • Deliveries are labelled with the name and address of the purchaser and vendor.
  • Liquor is delivered within the hours permitted by your licence, and never between:
    • midnight and 9am for same-day^ deliveries
    • midnight and 6am for next-day* deliveries.
  • Liquor is not delivered to an intoxicated person, to restricted premises or to a liquor restricted community. 

Improvements to help you meet your obligations

While the alcohol sector has been given a six-month implementation period to ensure full compliance with the new legislation, we will be making the following improvements right away to our same-day^ and next-day* delivery services in Western Australia, to support you to meet your obligations.

  • We have trained our drivers to provide the additional ID checks and updated the scanners used to make same-day^ deliveries of alcohol to support this. Over time, we will also update the scanners used by our next-day* delivery drivers to guide them through the ID checking requirements when delivering alcohol in Western Australia.
  • We have provided Responsible Service of Alcohol training to our same-day^ drivers in Western Australia.

Same-day and Safe Drop deliveries

For same-day^ deliveries the person accepting the delivery must be the purchaser or the purchaser's nominee.

Safe Drop deliveries will be permitted for next-day* deliveries providing there is a safe and out of view location to do so. Customer (purchaser) authority will be needed to leave the package unattended. Safe Drop is not permitted for same-day^ deliveries.

Non-Delivery Postcodes

Unfortunately, we are not able to supply to certain areas within Australia upon request from the Licensing Police due to liquor licensing reasons. The following restrictions have been brought in to comply with local licensing restrictions in place for certain communities:

WA - Non-Delivery Postcodes: 6798, 6799, 6770, 6765. For the following postcodes, we will not supply any product that is in a container of 1L or above, or any beer in glass containers over 375ml: 6718, 6723, 6725, 6726, 6728, 6731, 6733, 6740, 6743, 6753, 6761, 6765, 6770.

SA - For the following postcodes, due to local alcohol restrictions and working with the regulator we are unable to supply any products that are classified as a 'Cask' and/or 'Fortified Wine': 5680, 5690.

NT - Non-Delivery Postcodes: 0822, 0861, 0862, 0870, 0871, 0872, 0847, 0850, 0851, 0852, 0853, 0880, 0881, 0886. For the following postcode, we will not supply any port or beer in 750mL and 800mL bottles. Cask and fortified wines limited to one two litre cask or one bottle of fortified wine per person per day: 0860.

QLD - Non-Delivery Postcodes: Aurukun – 4871, Bamaga – 4876, Cherbourg – 4605, Doomadgee – 4830, Hope Vale – 4895, Injinoo – 4876, Kowanyama – 4871, Lockhart – 4871, Mapoon – 4874, Mornington Island – 4871, Napranum – 4874, New Mapoon – 4876, Palm Island – 4816, Pormpuraaw – 4871, Seisia – 4876, Umagico – 4876, Woorabinda – 4713, Wujal Wujal – 4895, Yarabah – 4871.

We apologise that we are not able to extend our services to your region. Please be assured that we in no way intend to discriminate against any groups or individuals.

International Shipping

MyBottleShop.com will gladly ship products around the world. However not all country governments agree with this (USA I mean you!). If you order liquor products online, please be aware there may be customs restrictions or customs charges once the product arrives in your country. MyBottleShop cannot and will not change the description of the goods to avoid duty or taxes in your country. MyBottleShop also charges duties and customs clearance up-front so you are fully aware of the customs charges BEFORE you purchase and pay for the item. If your countries customs seizes an item it will be at your cost. If your country send the item back to us, we will refund you the full amount less our shipping charge. You as the buyer must be fully aware of your countries importation laws especially as they relate to liquor.

International delivery times will ultimately depend on the postal service in your country. Some countries are notoriously slow so please be patient.

At the present time, we ship internationally to the following countries only: Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

Delivery Process

MyBottleShop.com handles deliveries in accordance with the following scenarios:

Person in attendance at Delivery Address

  • If the person at the address is judged to be under 25 years of age, proof of age including photo identification will be requested.

  • If suitable proof of age identification cannot be produced, that person will be advised that the parcel will be carded to a Post Office or Courier depot where the article can be collected on the production of suitable proof of age ID (Photo ID). A delivery notification card will be provided for this purpose.

  • If there are persons at the address who cannot provide proof of age ID and the parcel contains a “Delivery Instruction” providing the authority to leave the article, the “Delivery Instruction” is not to be followed. In these circumstances the article will be carded to the nearest Post Office.

No-one in attendance at Delivery Address

  • Delivery will be attempted by knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell and waiting a short time for the customer to respond.

  • If there is no one in attendance at the address, the parcel will be carded to the nearest Post Office or Courier depot as per standard carding procedures.

  • If the parcel does contain a “Delivery Instruction" providing authority to leave the parcel at the address, we are unable to follow that instruction for 2 reasons.  1. We believe it is not responsible service of alcohol to leave alcohol where minors might access it. 2. Often parcel from MyBottleShop contains valuable items and leaving parcels unattended makes insurance of the parcel invalid.

  • Ordinary parcels containing wine/alcohol are not permitted to be safe dropped. If no one is in attendance the parcel will be carded to the nearest Post Office or Courier depot as per the standard carding procedure.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Delivery

Whilst the “Delivery Instructions” will be observed in most instances, when it is determined that following the Delivery Instruction may create a risk of a minor under the age of 18 gaining access to the parcel ie. children sighted on-premises etc, the article will not be left in accordance with the Delivery Instruction but carded to the nearest Post Office or courier depot for collection.

Delivery is Returned to MyBottleShop.com (RTS)

Where the customer is at fault and the package is returned (e.g. you entered an incorrect address on your order), you (the customer) will be refunded immediately, less all shipping fees including the return shipping fee. If MyBottleShop is at fault for the package return, then we will cover this fee. As there is no insurance option for RTS parcels, you must take great care to wrap and pack the returned items so they are not damaged in transit. If the returned parcel is damaged in transit, you will be responsible for paying to replace the damaged item.

Delivery Insurance

MyBottleShop.com provides Delivery Insurance for all parcels. Delivery Insurance is automatically selected for all orders. Delivery Insurance will cover you from both financial loss and time for both lost and damaged parcels. This means that MyBottleShop.com will immediately send you a replacement parcel or process an appropriate refund based on your choice.

Note there is no insurance on Return to Sender (RTS) parcels and insurance does not cover parcels where the parcel is safe dropped at your home or business. Currently, there is no insurance cover for international deliveries.

Missing Parcels

We are an online business and we outsource the delivery of our parcels to various courier companies. We pay them to deliver the parcels on time and with care. In some cases, a parcel will go missing but usually, this happens less than 1% of the time, BUT it does happen. It's annoying for both you and for us. Often courier companies make it difficult to claim insurance for lost parcels and others have an excess such as $100 which means any lost parcel is a cost to us since we accept final responsibility for delivery of the parcel. Rest assured we want to find out where the parcel is, but we have to follow a process. Here is the process:

1. We have to track the order to find out where the parcel is. It may be delayed for some reason or there was a problem with the address and possibly the parcel has been returned to us. But its possible the parcel will still arrive no problem, but just a bit later than expected.  This process can take up to 3 weeks.

2. If you genuinely think that the parcel is lost in transit reach out and contact the courier company.

While MyBottleShop.com is responsible ultimately for the delivery of your parcel - in most cases, we will simply do the same thing as you i.e. contact the courier company.  Contact the courier company by phone or email and ask them to put a trace on the parcel and then wait; for a response; Many times this solves the issue and by contacting the courier company you have saved time.

3. After you have contacted the courier company but received no resolution, please contact MyBottleShop.

We will escalate the matter with the courier company. The last thing we want is our parcels to go missing. We want the courier company to explain where the parcel is or investigate why it was lost. In our industry we are very concerned about the theft of parcels. This process can take up to 3 weeks from when the investigation started and the case was open. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us