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Vodka is fermented, distilled and filtered, and can be made from pretty much anything that is able to go through that process and end up making alcohol.

This includes grains, grapes, sugar, fruits, corn, potatoes and even roots. The liquid is distilled to 90% or more alcohol by volume in order to remove all the potential smell and taste of whatever ingredients were used to produce it, before diluting the spirit to the much more palatable 40% alcohol.

Vodka’s name comes from “voda,” the Russian word for water. As above, vodka is distilled from a variety of grains and sometimes from potatoes, grapes or sugar.

Vodka can be served in so many different ways, making it a versatile spirit for sipping straight out of the freezer or mixing in lots of different cocktails OR simply add lime and soda water.  And best of all, being a white spirit Vodka won't give you a hangover like brown spirits that have been aged in wood.


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